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Hi, I’m Mor, so great to meet you!
I’m the founder of Brands By Sage, where I offer modern design solutions for visionary entrepreneurs, empowering and supporting them by creating brands that provide a solid backbone to their business.
Pairing your brand’s strategy, values, and principles with compelling design esthetics to create the best possible outcome, is my superpower.
I believe passionately that you can build a thriving business based on a professional bespoke brand that is designed and created just for you and your offerings, facilitating the next level of success.

With a wealth of experience (spanning over two decades, navigating two recessions and one global pandemic) in the design, branding, and business arenas, I’m not just a designer; I’m a business owner myself, and a mentor committed to your success. I’m here to accelerate your growth with done-for-you services, resources, and design courses. I understand the challenges that you are facing and I’m offering my experience and expertise to you and your brand.

P.S. As you can see, not a fan of the camera, but absolutely a huge fan of you and your success!
Always cheering you on,

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