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Want to learn how to create irresistable, designed to convert, brand, websites, landing pages, and social portals?

(here’s a secret, you don’t need to be born a designer, get a degree from a fancy design school, or waste a ton of time and/or money. Learning the important foundations of branding and design is 100% easy with our courses. Shhhh. Keep it between us.)

As an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a marketing professional, you may not have an education in brand or website design.

Investing in education and understanding the important role that brand and design plays in the success of your business can have a significant impact on your success and revenue.

Here, in the Sage Academy, my focus is creating courses and resources to help you get the knowledge and confidence you need, even if you have no prior design skills, and absolutely zero creativity.

Kind words from past and present students

I work with clients to not only build fantastic websites but to also guide them through meshing the ‘pretty’ design with a layout that unfolds the ‘story’ of what my clients are offering in an engaging manner with solid marketing practices plus blending in solid technology equals (great design +marketing + tech = high converting & great expedience).

As someone that has crafted a lot of courses for clients (and, yes taken so many) I appreciate the time and dedication that Mor took to not only design the course but, to organize it in a manner that allows the student to have a great experience.

Now, to the course content — I learned a lot about design, colors, and fonts that are often overlooked by website designers (right, imagine that!) and not always considered by website builders. I am so grateful for this course and highly recommend it to all website builders and folks that do really appreciate solid design application.
Phillis Benson
I have been a web developer and “self-taught” designer for over 20 years, but, Mor taught me solid principles, techniques and other industry secrets that I never knew. This course is a MUST for every aspiring UI and UX website designer. She condensed a large amount of design theory and practice into a few hours, including great examples of do’s and don’ts. She pulled back the curtain behind her methods and practices that have made her an award-winning designer.

She has a very warm, engaging and down-to-earth personality and delivery. The references to outside sources and other instructions are extremely valuable, and I am sure I will use them on a daily basis. I feel that I will now be “designing” websites, instead of just “decorating” web pages.

Thank you for an amazing course, the bonus resources–which alone, are worth the course price–and for teaching us how to put thought and purposefulness into building functional, beautiful websites that convert.
Brenda Malone
Mor thank you so much for your course which I finally got around to purchasing and watching about a week ago … I LOVED LOVED LOVED the course … I keep going back and rewatching the colour modules as I’m implementing your selection methods on a site now … it’s fantastic … and gives me much more confidence in my design methods because I’m not going purely on instinct any more, I feel like my intuition is backed up by fantastic knowledge and tips now.

Super value as well.

Thank you!
Chantal Marie-Laurence Edouard-Betsy
Mor’s course takes you from start to finish explaining the elements and reasoning behind website design. Typography, font pairing, colors and layouts – this course covers the full spectrum.

If at any time you get stuck, Mor is easily reached and more than willing to help. Between the videos, templates, resources, community, and help from the teacher herself; it would take MORE effort to NOT learn than to pick up some very valuable skills here. Seriously, you’re doing yourself a disservice by missing out on this course. Enroll and take away useful information you can implement in your business right away!
Tom DeBello
When I first looked at the modules I wondered, “Is this all I need?” Then I took the plunge and find myself working everything into my processes for delivering fantastic sites that are well designed!

Every module is not *just* theory, but also exercises using practical tools to accomplish real tasks. Then makes that reusable with downloadable reference documents and for GeneratePress users, a site library unique to the students that takes the drudgery out of going through all the different Customizer settings. That alone will save you the hours on one just to justify the cost of the course!

What takes this course over the top, and truly makes it “Five Star” is the support and help from Mor’s group. You’ll find top talent from a design *and* web developer perspective to help you understand and even review your use of the tools and techniques taught in the class. Stuck on something in particular? The community is full of different sorts of helpers who are responsive and experienced!

I suggest this course to anyone who is looking for a way to up their game and create fantastic looking sites with great UX.
Mike Sale
This course does a great job of giving a framework for assembling the necessary elements that produce a professional brand guide. Armed with the brand guide, it’s very easy to put together a website for a client and ensure all the elements tie together for a coherent brand message.

Before this course, I was completely lost when trying to figure out how to get started (and I often outsourced a lot of the design work). Now I have the competence and confidence to assemble a great colour palette, make informed decisions about the right typography to use, and I have the perfect template to present a client with the brand board. The biggest benefit with this in my opinion is that I can explain the reasons for choosing a colour or a typography without the client telling me their preferences. I can talk to them, discover their brand voice, and help represent the brand through the design elements I’ve learned about.

Another major benefit I got from this course was in the process, when it comes time to turn the brand board into a real website. Some of the big surprise bonuses in this course will make it super easy to convert my design decisions into a professional website that my clients are happy with. Very happy with what I’ve learned in this course!
Daniel Barbour
Thoroughly enjoyed taking this class. The highlights for me were the color module and the module on setting up GeneratePress and Elementor. The color module was good because it provides the tools and methods I can use to select a color palette that will look great without depending on my color-blind judgement.

The module on Generate Press and Elementor is going to streamline my project startup immensely and showed me some efficiencies in setting up default typography and colors.

An excellent course all around.
Kevin Roberts
I cant say enough good things about the course and the instructor. After taking just the first two modules on typography and color, I learned so much that I was able to put together the color branding for 4 new brands in 1 day! Mor is kind, attentive, and happy to help answer all of my questions.

Her videos are very well put together. She speaks slowly and is clear, making sure to pay attention to the details and showing you everything that she is explaining. This helps the student to be able to retain the information better. This course was by far where I have learned the most and was able to apply the information immediately to my business.
Jenny Sponton
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Hi, I'm Mor, and I'm a branding and web design expert, and my superpower is creating brands that convert.

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Everything I create is human-centered and all-encompassing. My mission is to bring innovative, modern, pixel-perfect, yet very affordable complete design solutions so entrepreneurs and business owners can effortlessly design, create, market, and grow their own brands and achieve success and higher revenue.

I believe that creating and growing your designed for conversion brand is a priority and should be uncomplicated, easy, and affordable. You deserve it, your business deserves it, and your future clients deserve to find you and your offerings.
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