My design work

Working with a wide range of clients for over 2 decades, I specialize in merging strategy with esthetics, transforming values and offerings into growth, success, and higher revenue.

Please note: some of these designs were created for other agencies (also known as “white label”) therefore, for the sake of discretion and confidentiality, comparable projects with the same scope and deliverables are presented.

Brand identity design for a botany expert

The client, a world-renowned botanist and pomologist, often invited to present at international venues, sought to establish a unique and organic brand that reflects her expertise and passion.

Brand design for an upscale tropical retreat

The project, a redesign and rebrand of a tropical retreat for women leaders, aimed to redefine an upscale experience of luxury and relaxation, set in unparalleled natural beauty surroundings.

Brand and course design for a coach

 The client, a visionary coach and course creator, wished to establish a brand that reflects her unique approach and resonates with her audience seeking transformative personal and professional growth.

Brand design for an interior design studio

The client, a sophisticated interior designer wished to further distinguish herself as a purveyor of bespoke, organic, high-end spaces, appealing to an upscale market, and catering to celebrities executives.

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