Isn’t it time for you to be seen and stand out?

Design and branding for content marketers, coaches, and course creators


It’s time for you to be seen and stand out

Design and branding for content marketers, coaches, and course creators

Brand and web design studio, crafting upscale custom branding, tailored course assets, bespoke newsletters and emails, and more.
So much more.

You are on the rise. You've worked hard.
Now, you are ready to invest in your business.

This is what I do. I will help you create a distinctive, recognizable, and impactful brand to multiply your revenue, expand your reach, grow your business, and confidence!

Custom brand design

Strategic and refined experience for growing and evolving brands.
You have an amazing service or product to offer the world but feel held back by branding that doesn’t represent who you are.

Your brand is more than just a logo or color palette – it’s a story, an identity, a unique all-encompassing distinction that sets you apart from your competitors.

Here, your vision will be transformed into a beautiful, purposeful, values and audience-centered brand identity that will bring clarity, cohesion, and consistency to your messaging and visuals.

From a modern and minimalistic logo suite, to color palette and typography that “speaks” your values and resonates with your audience and prospective clients, to imagery and iconography that showcase your expertise and positioning, your brand will come to life in a way that captivates and leaves a lasting impression.

Custom MailerLite newsletter & email design, all done for you, just press 'send'.

Increase your open and click-through rates with branded templates built inside your MailerLite account
Are you tired of sending generic, uninspiring emails to your subscribers? Do you want to make a lasting impression and boost your email marketing ROI? Look no further! I’m here to revolutionize your email marketing game with custom-designed and branded newsletter and email templates, exclusively designed for MailerLite.

Building and nurturing your email list are vital tasks for any business owner.  The process involves not only expanding the number of subscribers but also ensuring their continuous engagement with your content.

Custom-tailored newsletters and email templates are your secret sauce to ensure your audiences are eager to open and read your content when it lands in their inbox.

Design & branding for course creators

An extensive head-to-toe, overhaul of every element in your entire course project, using my 7 essential touch-points of a well-designed and branded course system:

Short on time and/or budget?

My branding sprints are your answer

My design work

Latest Sage words

When it was time to have a real grown-up brand, I knew I would only trust you to guide me through the steps and process. I was not disappointed!

You went above and beyond to fully understand who I am and the clients I am serving . I am over the moon happy and proud of my brand, and I share my content without any hesitations.

I’m now eager to go after new audiences knowing that I have top-level visuals and messaging. Worth the investment, and mor(e)!
Girl, you made us into heroes!

In only one week since we launched our brand new brand, we booked 5 new clients! What? Yes! And not just any clients, these are our highest-paying projects to date, and we have discovery calls booked for the rest of the month. We get so many compliments on the new branding and have new people subscribing to our list every day.

We are so grateful for your insights and expertise and we recommend you wholeheartedly to everyone.
Hi, I’m Mor, so great to meet you!
I’m the founder of Brands By Sage, where I offer modern design solutions for visionary entrepreneurs, empowering and supporting them by creating brands that provide a solid backbone to their business.
Pairing your brand’s strategy, values, and principles with compelling design esthetics to create the best possible outcome, is my superpower.
I believe passionately that you can build a thriving business based on a professional bespoke brand that is designed and created just for you and your offerings, facilitating the next level of success.

With a wealth of experience (spanning over two decades, navigating two recessions and one global pandemic) in the design, branding, and business arenas, I’m not just a designer; I’m a business owner myself, and a mentor committed to your success. I’m here to accelerate your growth with done-for-you services, resources, and design courses. I understand the challenges that you are facing and I’m offering my experience and expertise to you and your brand.

P.S. As you can see, not a fan of the camera, but absolutely a huge fan of you and your success!
Always cheering you on,

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